• The shipping company Leonhardt & Blumberg was founded in Hamburg, Germany, in 1903 by partners Adolf Leonhardt and Arthur Blumberg.

    The first ships in the fleet were the “ELLA IVERS” and the “SCHLEI”.

  • The company’s first newbuilding, “ANGELICA ZUM BACH”, was delivered in Lübeck from the Henry Koch shipyard in 1904.

    Several newbuildings and other acquisitions were added to the fleet in the years that followed and the vessels were employed in world wide tramp shipping.

  • Prior to WWI, the largest company vessels were the “FRIEDA LEONHARDT” (2739 grt) and “JOHANNA BLUMBERG” (2830 grt) which joined the fleet for the price of 430,000 German marks and 450,000 German marks respectively.

  • In 1922 Arthur Blumberg died. Mr. Adolf Leonhardt then continued to run the business by himself.

  • In 1930 two 7500-ton steam tankers were acquired from the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey. These two vessels entered the Leonhardt & Blumberg service and sailed under the German flag as “LOTTE LEONHARDT” and “KARL LEONHARDT”.

  • In 1932 Leonhardt & Blumberg transported live eels from Canada to Europe in the specially rebuilt MV “HANS LEONHARDT”.

  • At the end of WWII, Leonhardt & Blumberg had no vessels left in their fleet as six ships were lost during the war and the other remaining vessels had to be handed over to the allies. During this time it was the insurance department that secured the future of the company.

    Despite these setbacks, Adolf Leonhardt’s sons Hans and Otto started to rebuild the basic business of the shipping company.

  • In 1946 a mine carrier named “RHEIN” was operated by Leonhardt & Blumberg on German inland waterways on behalf of the United States.The vessel was bought on 24 May 1949 for the price of 380,000 German marks.

  • In 1950 the Allies eased their restrictions on overseas trade and Leonhardt & Blumberg acquired the steamship “MIGUEL DE LARRINAGA” (8150 dwt) and renamed it “BERND LEONHARDT”. The acquisition of that ship was the relaunch of the world wide tramp shipping business at Leonhardt & Blumberg.

  • The newbuilding “ADOLF LEONHARDT” was delivered on 11 September 1951. With dimensions of 7066 grt / 13130 dwt, the “ADOLF LEONHARDT” was the largest vessel in the German merchant fleet for several months.

  • In June and September 1958 the two sister ships “MARIE LEONHARDT” and “AUGUST LEONHARDT” were delivered by the FSG in Flensburg. In October the vessel “WALTER LEONHARDT” was then delivered by the Rickmers-Werft in Bremerhaven.

    The special feature of these new bulk-carriers was the elimination of the tween deck.

  • After Christmas 1960 the “BERND LEONHARDT” created headlines in the newspapers by colliding with the world’s largest aircraft carrier at the time, the USS “SARATOGA”. The incident caused damage amounting to 4.5 million German marks.

  • Leonhardt & Blumberg ordered three “German multi-purpose freighters”, which were able to accommodate containers and had their own cargo-handling gear including two heavy-duty derricks with a lifting capacity of 30t and 60t.

  • Leonhardt & Blumberg expanded their fleet with the delivery of two 392-TEU vessels and two bulkcarriers from the Ujina shipyard in Hiroshima.

  • With the MV "FINE EAGLE" the first full-celled containership of L&B has been delivered from the Vulcan AG shipyard in Bremen.

  • Leonhardt & Blumberg became manager of the MV “ICEBIRD”, a special ship serving several Australian surveillance stations in the Antarctic.

  • ln 1989 Leonhardt & Blumberg entered the reefer business by ordering refrigerated cargo vessels. On 14 March and 30 May 1989 the two reefer freighters “HANSA BREMEN” and “HANSA VISBY” were taken over at the Vulkan AG shipyard in Bremen. Two sister ships, the “HANSA LÜBECK” and “HANSA STOCKHOLM”, entered service in December 1990 and February 1991.

  • The “HANSA LONDON” entered service as the first of a series of six B183 container ships from the Polish shipyard Stocznia Szczecinska. These vessels have a capacity of 1.016 TEU and two 40t cranes.

  • In 1993 a quartet of 3.424 TEU ships had been built at Samsung Shipbuilding & Heavy Industries Co. Ltd in South Korea. The vessels “HANSA ASIA”; “HANSA EUROPE”, “HANSA AMERICA” and “HANSA AUSTRALIA” went into service under the German flag.

  • MV “HANSA RIGA” was delivered as the first ship in a series of eight 1.645-TEU sister vessels from the Hyundai Heavy Industries shipyard in Ulsan, South Korea.

  • The two 4.565-TEU vessels “HANSA PACIFIC” and “HANSA ATLANTIC” were built in Ulsan, South Korea, by Hyundai Heavy Industries and were directly chartered by the Danish shipping company A. P. Møller Maersk.

  • Leonhardt & Blumberg received the MV "HANSA STAVANGER" from the Guangzhou Wenchong Shipyard (GWS) in China. The ship is based on a design developed by Leonhardt & Blumberg together with naval architects in Germany. Between this time and 2003, GWS delivered another 7 sister vessels and 2 slightly larger ships to L&B.

  • Based on the success of the 1.550-TEU ships, Leonhardt & Blumberg developed a new design with a capacity of 1.740 TEU and had these ships built at the Binjiang shipyard as well as at the Guangzhou Wenchong shipyard, both of which are in China. The first ship in that series was the MV "HANSA FLENSBURG" and all of the sister vessels have been christened with names ending in "BURG".

  • In 2003, well timed to the celebration of the company’s centenary, L&B moved to its modern u-shaped glass facade building situated directly by the river Elbe.